Planning is the key to both business owners and individuals alike.  If you own a business we will discuss your current tax position and estimate your federal and state tax estimates on a quarterly basis.  As an individual having the wrong withholding rate can cause you to owe money at the end of the year or get back a large refund (money you could have used throughout the year).

Every year we attend numerous tax seminars so we can keep up to date not only on the changes in the tax law but ways to help minimize your taxes. 




Please contact us to setup a free consultation for any of your financial, tax or website needs.  The list below are just some of our services we provide. Click on the contact us link and we look forward to hearing from you.

Tax Returns  (Efile Included)

  • Federal 1040 (all forms)
  • State 1040 (all forms)
  • Local Returns (all forms)
  • 1120 / 1120S Returns
  • Business Returns
  • CAT Tax Returns
  • Unclaimed Funds Return
  • Estate Tax Returns