Preparing your own income tax return can be challenging and a business return can even be more complex.  When you have a tax professional do your return you feel that the return is prepared completely and correctly.  

Tax laws are complex and we go to yearly seminars to keep up to date on changes of the tax law.   By overlooking a deduction or a credit you will overpay the government.  

Premier Accounting, Inc. not only prepares the federal, state and local return but will stand behind its work that in the unlikely event you are audited we will represent you for no additional charge.  

We contacted the local franchisee tax return preparer down the street and realized that it costs on the average $150-$200 for a basic return.   The starting rate for an individual return is $65 which includes federal, state, local, efile and audit representation.

Doing the return yourself with a tax program will cost you nearly the same amount of money and does not include the city return or audit representation.

Schedule an appointment today. We make appointments in hour blocks starting the first week of February. We have expanded hours and weekend hours during tax season.



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Tax Returns  (Efile Included)

  • Federal 1040 (all forms)
  • State 1040 (all forms)
  • Local Returns (all forms)
  • 1120 / 1120S Returns
  • Business Returns
  • CAT Tax Returns
  • Unclaimed Funds Return
  • Estate Tax Returns