Premier Accounting, Inc can handle your stressful audit from beginning to end.  Most audits are correspondence audits that require some sort of additional information.  Just because you receive a letter does not mean you owe additional money. 

The IRS will ask you for more information than you are required to provide and may expand the audit based on information you provide to them.  So handling your own audit would be foolish and most likely costly. 

We handle it all for you so that you need not talk to the agent directly or take time off of your business or job to handle the audit.  Most of our complex audits are referrals from attorneys in which the individual has already started the audit and additional representation.

Most bankruptcy filings require all your tax returns to be filed with the agencies.  We can file any return the IRS requires for any years.   There is a statue of limitation as to refunds so some of our clients have been surprised that they were due a refund just to find out that the IRS was not required to send it to them for a tax return five years ago.



Please contact us to setup a free consultation for any of your financial, tax or website needs.  The list below are just some of our services we provide. Click on the contact us link and we look forward to hearing from you.

Tax Returns  (Efile Included)

  • Federal 1040 (all forms)
  • State 1040 (all forms)
  • Local Returns (all forms)
  • 1120 / 1120S Returns
  • Business Returns
  • CAT Tax Returns
  • Unclaimed Funds Return
  • Estate Tax Returns