Basic Due Dates

3 Working Day after Payroll Semimonthly Tax Depositors
15th of Following Month Monthly Tax Depositors
End of 3rd Month after Payroll Quarterly Tax Depositors Either with 941 or EFTPS


Federal Income Tax Return-Personal April 15th
Federal Income Tax Return-Personal (on Extension) October 15th
Corporate Income Tax Return March 15th
Corporate Income Tax Return (On Extension) September 15th
Fiscal Year Organizations 15th of the 3rd Month after month end.
Personal Estimates Due 1/15, 4/15, 6/15 and 9/15
W-2s Need to be Mailed by 1/31  
1099s Need to be Mailed by 1/31




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Tax Returns  (Efile Included)

  • Federal 1040 (all forms)
  • State 1040 (all forms)
  • Local Returns (all forms)
  • 1120 / 1120S Returns
  • Business Returns
  • CAT Tax Returns
  • Unclaimed Funds Return
  • Estate Tax Returns